olympic stadium in east london building work finally complete.

National Newspaper Headline:   BANKS BAN SPENDING

So the banks can gamble billions of pounds of other people’s money but everybody else can’t spend anything

An incident recently reported in the news.

RMT union saying that in an incident where water from Trafalgar Square fountains was leaking onto the track at Charring Cross underground station, RMT are saying that the track power supply was switched on while workers where still on the track.


Leaders of Europe and America unite to conquer vialant dictatorship in Libya  with no exit plan.

does that remind you of the bull in a china shop Gulf war?.

Typhoon aircraft prepare for Libya,  three planes have had to be cannibalized for spare parts on a project which is already several billions over budget.


Henry cooper boxer, dies @ 83


Osama Bin Laden found and shot dead by u.s navy seals


Space shuttle returns from  last flight after 30 year history of space exploration.  The russians are now charging the American government $60 millon everytime they want to send someone into space.



riots by youths in major cities of the uk  including looting and fires.



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