So the banks can gamble billions of pounds of other peoples money, but everybody else can’t spend .

The Bailout for the banks is costing £5 billion in interest alone. The rest of us have to pay back every penny we owe, so must the banks.


royal wedding

queen flies to Anglesey to give her grandson william a nugget of gold for the royal wedding ring. Is there nothing good enough in the shops.

Questions being asked as to whether Prince Charles should step aside and allow William to become king.

The press are saying that Kate Middleton is the new Diana, It is thanks to the Press that we need a new Diana.

Hotel rooms booked to use as washrooms, tents pitched to sleep in and save spaces all to watch one of the most expensive soap operas on the planet.


The poor family in the big house with the leaky roof would like to thank all the tv licence payers for the most expensive wedding dvds of all time.  They would also like to thank the council tax payers of westminster for picking up the £30 million bill for staging this panto.